Optimize Performance PT

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A specialized training and exercise medicine service.

Optimize Performance PT

 Owned by licensed physical therapists, Optimize Performance PT offers a continuum of care that goes beyond traditional therapy. We are a specialized training and exercise medicine service that fuses personal training with exercise science and physical therapy expertise. From pediatrics to geriatrics, we help you on your journey to feel better, move better, and perform better.

Youth Athlete Training

For high school and college athletes looking to take their game to a higher level. Injury recovery training and pre-season conditioning available. 

Adult Fitness Training

For adult weekend warriors or those motivated to improve their physical health. Workouts challenge strength, balance, and coordination to improve performance.

Lifestyle Medicine Fitness

A 12-week program designed for adults with diabetes or metabolic syndrome to create life-long habits for a healthier life.

Brain Health and Fitness Training

Training sessions designed specifically to improve the health and performance of the brain. Sessions include physical and mental activities and strategies to improve nutrition, stress, and sleep for brain health.

Balance Program

A 6-week program designed for adults and older adults concerned about being steady on their feet. Includes exercises and strategies to remain active and independent with age.

What Sets Us Apart

We are a specialized training and exercise medicine service. Owned by licensed physical therapists, Optimize Performance PT is not traditional physical therapy. Or just another personal training service. We are the fusion of personal training, exercise science, and physical therapy expertise.
Our mission is to help you live a better quality of life through exercise. Because we believe exercise is medicine. Medicine that helps you feel better, move better, and perform better. No matter what stage in life.
We practice holistic, client-centered care to achieve better outcomes. Outcomes that include elevated sports performance. Better mobility and more confidence with balance.  Decreased risk factors for chronic disease. Or improving brain health and performance. Working together, we help you exercise at the right intensity to achieve your goals. All while avoiding injury or overcoming barriers. With our physical therapy and exercise science expertise, we create personalized exercise programs that challenge strength, balance, coordination and even cognition. Our workouts are creative, challenging, and fun.
And if your goals include more than your physical health, we have that covered too.  We offer personal health coaching and services to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Our goal for you? To live your best life, physically and mentally. Come join us!

Already working out in a gym with your own routine?

These exercise sessions will complement your current exercise regime and take you to another level.

Never worked out before or have a fear of injury?

Our physical therapy experience allows us to modify and advance exercises safely and appropriately given any medical condition. Exercises programs are always personalized. But we will encourage you to push yourself and reach levels you did not think you could reach, no matter your age or starting ability.

Uncomfortable with the thought of exercising in a gym?

We are the opposite of a large gym chain. Our rehab clinic is intimate and personable. We strive to help you feel comfortable exercising, no matter your current abilities. 

Still Have Questions?

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Our Story

Aimee and Jason met in physical therapy school at Emory University and have been married for over 20 years. Jason is the Orthopedic guru, specializing in sports injury, prevention and performance while Aimee loves working with the neurologic or older adult populations.

In school, Jason and Aimee were taught that physical therapists are movement specialists – specialists in assessing movement and helping people regain function. With time and experience, however, they both realized that physical therapists are more than movement experts. They are exercise specialists as well. And that exercise is medicine. Medicine that helps you recover from injury, manage pain, or reduce risk factors.

Medicine that helps you stay mobile and active or elevate your performance to the highest levels. But too often, their clients were discharged from traditional therapy and exercise stopped. Clients didn’t know where to go to get the expertise they wanted – someone they were comfortable with who knew how to handle their medical history or bring out their best abilities.

So, Jason and Aimee created Optimize Performance PT to help clients continue to embrace exercise. To think of exercise as medicine and a life-long habit to live a healthier lifestyle and maximize their abilities. If you are ready to live a healthier lifestyle or optimize your performance, come exercise with us.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“My son’s pitching performance has been amazing since we stopped pitching instructions and started workouts with Jason. The physical therapy based sports conditioning and injury prevention has kept him on the mound and getting better as the season has gone on.” KT

“We love working with Jason. My daughter says his workout are tough, but she has fun and always wants to go back. And I love how easy it is to schedule directly with him.” CP

“On those days that were a little harder to keep my head lifted and feel good about myself, I found that working with Aimee with her cheerfulness and positive attitude were very encouraging.” ST

 “Four years into my stroke journey, I was frustrated with my progression and I plateaued. Aimee was key for me to realizing I had options and room to grow.” PD