Optimize Performance PT

The Fusion of Personal Training, Exercise Science, and Physical Therapy Expertise

For adult weekend warriors or those motivated to improve their physical health. Sessions are one-on-one and personalized to help you grow in:

  • strength
  • stamina
  • resilience.

Break down any barriers to exercise and challenge yourself to reach a new level of health and wellness.

The Foundations of Exercise

Aerobic Conditioning

Improve heart health with aerobic activities, like brisk walking on the treadmill or cycling. Moderate aerobic activity increases endurance, strength, mood and concentration.


Muscle strength is key to staying mobile, active, independent and a good quality of life. Discover effective strengthening exercises beyond traditional weight machines. Exercises are challenging, fun, and creative. 


Poor posture and tight muscles lead to chronic pain and, as we age, a higher risk for falls. Get into the habit of stretching regularly to stay active and agile. 


The benefits of better balance are many and include: feeling steadier when walking, avoiding falls, recovering from injury faster, and even improving cognitive health. Learn how to train your balance and reach your challenge threshold. 

Our Team

Jason and Aimee Reiss