Optimize Performance PT

Brain Health and Fitness Program

Training sessions designed specifically to engage and stimulate brain health. Through a combination of physical and cognitive activities, the goal is to improve brain performance and quality of life.

Why participate in brain fitness training?

Our brains, as with the rest of our bodies, naturally decline with age. Characteristics of an aging brain include loss of neural synapses, brain atrophy, and increased cell damage in the brain. However, with intentional choices, such as engaging in physical and mental exercises, you may be able to slow the aging of your brain. And live a better quality of life for longer. 


If you have trouble remembering things, concentrating, multi-tasking or processing information as quickly as you used to, brain health and fitness training may be appropriate for you.

What does brain fitness training include?

The centerpiece of brain health and fitness training is low intensity aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise, like walking, increases oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Training also combines cognitive exercises with physical activities to stimulate the brain.  These exercises are designed to challenge memory, attention, processing speed, and problem-solving.  

In addition, training will include research-backed strategies to improve nutrition, stress, and sleep to help the brain function optimally with age. 

Who would benefit?

This training is designed for adults:

  • managing a medical diagnosis such as mild cognitive impairment, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, or beginning stages of Alzheimer’s
  • at risk for the above medical conditions
  • experiencing cancer related brain fog
  • at risk for a sedentary lifestyle.

Brain health and fitness training may also benefit healthy middle-age or older adults wanting to optimize their brain performance as they get older. 

Meet Aimee

Aimee is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Neurologic Specialist, and Certified Wellness Coach. She believes exercise and physical activity are an integral part of our well-being, no matter what stage in life. And she strives to help people of all physical abilities feel comfortable exercising.


Aimee received her Masters in Physical Therapy degree from Emory University in 2000. She later received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree from Marymount University in 2009 and her Neurologic specialty in 2013. Recently, she became a certified wellness coach. Her mission is to help individuals living with a chronic condition or disability, maximize their health and well-being, even under difficult circumstances.


Aimee’s work experience includes working with researchers at Emory University investigating new therapy interventions for patients post-stroke. She has also been a past consultant with Emory University, Georgia State, and Mercer’s Physical Therapy programs.  


Outside of work, Aimee enjoys spending time with her 4 children and husband.