Optimize Performance PT Prices

Thank you for your interest in working with us. Please find the program you are interested in below and current prices.

Youth Athlete, Adult Fitness, and Brain Fitness Training Prices

Choose how many sessions you want. The more you purchase, the more you save per session!

All sessions purchased must be used within 6 months of purchase. Any sessions not used within 6 months will be forfeited.

Initial Assessment or Single Sessions $100

Package of 5 visits - $475

Package of 10 visits - $800

Lifestyle Medicine Fitness Program Prices

A 12-week exercise and lifestyle medicine program designed to create life-long habits for a healthier life. Program includes:

  • 12 weekly sessions that combine exercise and discussion of lifestyle healthy habits
  • 2 optional wellness coaching sessions  

Consistency is key to creating new habits. Therefore, this program is for those willing to commit and complete the program within 16 weeks.  All sessions must be used within 4 months of purchase. Any sessions not used will be forfeited.

Lifestye and Medical Fitness Program - $960 

Please note, this program may be covered by a health savings account or flexible spending account. Please call or email for more information about this possibility.

Balance Training
Program Prices

A 6-week balance program designed to help clients feel more stable and confident. Program includes:

  • 6 sessions 
  • Instruction in flexibility, strengh, balance, and cognition exercises
  • A personalized home exercise program created for you and your abilities.

All sessions much be used within 10 weeks of purchase. Any sessions not used will be forfeited.

Balance Training Program - $540

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