Optimize Performance PT

The Fusion of Personal Training, Exercise Science, and Physical Therapy Expertise for Youth Athletes

For high school to college athletes looking to take their game to a higher level. We offer:

  • post-rehab advanced training
  • pre- and post-season conditioning
  • cross-training
  • sport-specific injury prevention programs.

Excelling in sports is more than the repetition of a specific skill. In fact, too much repetition is a leading cause for injury. Staying in the game and improving performance are the result of:

  • preventing injury
  • practicing sport specific movements with the right form and mechanics
  • enhancing total body strength and power for athletic performance. 

Injury Prevention

Injuries in youth athletics is on the rise. Too much repetition is often the cause. Learn how to improve performance by moving away from harmful repetiton and utilizing full-body functional strength. For example, a baseball pitcher can improve pitch velocity by learning how to maximze lower body strength instead of throwing harder. 

Biomechanics Training

Proper movement and alignment of the body leads to more efficient power production and  optimal athletic performance. Get expert instruction on form and body mechanics with an experienced physical therapist that specilizes in athletic injuries. 

Total Body Strength and Power Production

Optimal athletic performance comes from finding synergy of power and strength in the upper body, core, and lower body muscles. Learning how to use the body efficiently will improve athletic performance as well as decrease risk of injury. 

About Jason

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Orthopedic Specialist

Jason has always had an interest in orthopaedics, and more specifically, athletic injuries.  In over 20 years as a physical therapist, Jason has treated all types of injuries from traumatic injuries in the pre- and post-operative stages to overuse injuries in athletes. His experience as a physical therapist treating injuries after they occur has led to a strong interest in proactive, preventative programs that can be used to decrease the risk of injury for athletes of all ages and skill levels.  

Training Videos

Watch these videos to see what training with Jason is all about.

Arm Care for Baseball Players

Agility and Core Training